Harmony Contentbase - create custom internal tools

Create custom internal tools

  • Connect your team to
    product data
  • Create your
    custom User Interface
  • Improve workflow with

Content Access Control

Multiple Database Management

Performance Tracking

DB Version Control

Straightforward Set Up

Set up a tool to manage product and client information within only a few hours.

Provide access to databases for non technical staff.

Easy UI definition language

Simplified version of HTML.

Make sensible and automatic layout decisions.

Predefined elements provided.

Define user access

Give different users different views on data.

Allow your team to work independently and securely.

Manage your workflows

Streamline repeated requests.

No need for big coding efforts, custom development and maintenance.

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Use Cases

As administrator of your HarmonyCB account you have full access to display the data of your company in exactly the way you need it. Add, edit or delete data, define access roles for your co-workers and track the changes. HarmonyCB is a hosted back-office admin tool that connects your database or backend with a programmatic UI.

  • Access, add, edit, delete product data
  • Manage stock
  • Update payment plan
  • Look up, analyse, summarise data
  • Merge user channels
  • Start back-end processes


Free Version
  • Public Projects


For small teams
  • Private Projects
  • Max. 2 Users


For bigger teams
  • All STARTUP Features+
  • Max. 10 Users
  • Roles/Access Control
  • Individual Branding
  • Customer Support


For larger enterprises
  • All Pro Features +
  • Unlimited Users
  • Self hosting
  • Performance tracking & statistics
  • Customer Support
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