Set up complex business processes in minutes, without programming.

HarmonyCB moves your workflows from paper and spreadsheets to a collaborative platform.

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Build Custom Apps

Drag & Drop to quickly arrange workflows without the help of developers.

Work From Anywhere

HarmonyCB works on all devices and setups: desktop, mobile, the cloud or on premise.

Control Content Access

Ensure that the right people in your business get instant access to data.

Work with Existing Data

HarmonyCB works with your existing source of truth: database, backend or via integration.
How does it work?

Create applications without programming.

With just a few clicks you can create forms for your teams to work with, view data and to share information with colleagues.

Customize according to your needs.

Use templates or start from scratch by creating forms, tables and page flows that are a perfect fit for your business.

Manage your personal workflow.

Lead people to the right information at the right time. Set up processes for your employees that will show them the data they need when they need it to get their job done.

How customers use HarmonyCB
Agency grade time tracking tool

#operations #accounting #HolidayBooking

Solving repeated customer support requests without the help of developers

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Digitalization all the way: How the software agency InceptIT streamlines its project management

#ProjectManagement #visibility #teamwork #KnowledgeManagement

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