Safe Exploration – Behavioural UX

credit to: @cottonbro

Behavioural Pattern: Safe Exploration User goal: exploring an interface without suffering consequences.   When people are able to explore an interface without immediately suffering consequences, they will feel more positive about it. It is the learning by doing principle. If users feel save enough to explore, they will attempt to get to know your tool,… Continue reading Safe Exploration – Behavioural UX

Build in Public – Usability testing & UX

Here’s the sneak preview of our upcoming designs, our learnings from usability testing and why we love good UX. Acting based on learnings I’ve always liked the experience of good UX – who doesn’t!? However, especially throughout the Covid pandemic I spent a lot of time online and often wondered whether people usability tested their… Continue reading Build in Public – Usability testing & UX

How do I get more leads through my website?

Everybody has got a contact form. But we all know that’s nothing more than a glorified email. Often you even don’t know if that email will be read. When it comes to lead generation, your website can become a most powerful tool. Why? Because you can show customer that you can provide value early on.… Continue reading How do I get more leads through my website?

5 Tipps: How to make a great customer portal

Whether you’re a small business moving your interactions with customers online or simply want to improve customer experience. Create a consistent, remarkable customer experience with these 5 tipps.  How? In short: A customer portal has the main benefit of streamlining the engagement with your customers – in one dedicated place.  Personalized customer experience You current… Continue reading 5 Tipps: How to make a great customer portal

What’s in the Clouds?

There are Types, Strategies, Benefits & Pizza    Being the foundation of most businesses today it is impossible to imagine the corporate world without the cloud. It certainly has become the new norm and a step towards the expected advancement of Artificial Intelligence. However, many corporations still struggle to efficiently implement the tool. That is… Continue reading What’s in the Clouds?

Rethinking Company Software – again!

Or why the future of company software is “No-Code”   The coronavirus crisis has shown just how much of a difference great company internal software set-ups can make. Having employee workflows laid out digitally, making data and information remotely accessible and being able to interact, edit and effectively work with company information decides between companies… Continue reading Rethinking Company Software – again!

Chancen in der Krise: Covid-19

Angesichts der Coronavirus Krise ergreifen viele Unternehmen Maßnahmen zur Digitalisierung, welche bisher aufgeschoben wurden. Gerade jetzt kann schnelles Handeln Unternehmen in eine stärkere wirtschaftliche Lage bringen. Somit drängt COVID-19 selbst Digitalisierungsverweigerer dazu proaktiv teilzunehmen. Erfreulicherweise zeigt uns die Krise auch, dass viele alltägliche Prozesse schon längst digital erfolgen könnten.   Digitalisieren was digitalisierbar ist   Viele Unternehmen haben in… Continue reading Chancen in der Krise: Covid-19