Set up a custom workflow in no-time

Simply point HarmonyCB at your database or the backend

  • Set up workflows with no-code
  • Encourage collaborative teamwork
  • View and edit existing data

Content Access Control

Multiple Database Management

Easy Setup

Simple Form Building

Product Features

Straightforward Set Up

Set up a tool to manage product and client information within minutes.

Provide access to databases for non technical staff.

Online Database Editor

HarmonyCB serves as User Interface to your Databases or Backends.

Edit and manage data in a layout automatically based on the schema in your database.

One System for Entire Team

Provide access to your data to non-technical staff via Permissions.

Give different users different views on data.

Allow your team to work independently and securely.

Use Cases
  • Manage databases, tables, columns, relations, indexes, permissions
  • Offers visual and text tools for query building and automization.
  • Web-based user interface; no need for local installation
  • Control Access; Manage user privileges
  • Access, add, edit, delete product data
  • Update payment plans
  • Manage stock
  • Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL
Beta Sign Up
HarmonyCB contributes to the improvement of your companies workflow. We are eager to share advice on how this can be done in every individual case. Sign up for the free Beta version below and we will get in contact with you.

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