Agency grade time tracking tool

The software agency InceptIT wanted to reduce the amount of time spent with excel sheets and accounting tools to manage time and project resources. While employees previously had tracked their time in separate spreadsheets, with timeframe and project categories, keeping up to date with current project spending and regular accounting was extremely time consuming while absolutely necessary.


Time Tracking Tool and Holiday Management


Software Development

Features & Functions

  • Employee Timetracking
  • Automated Holiday Management
  • Automatic Project Timetracking
  • Ressource Tracking Overall and Per Project
  • Smart Ressource Allocation Based on Hard Data


  • Real-Time Project Spending Updates
  • Extreme Time Saving on Operational Side
  • Increased Control and Satisfaction of Employees


Simple, easy, automatic. HarmonyCB Workspace solution enabled the team to retire the old spreadsheet solution and automatically tracks all project spending in terms of time and cost overall and project-based. Adding new projects or adapting existing ones now only has an impact of a matter of minutes. Employees can add their times in one simple, intuitive interface. It also enables employees to request holidays with only a few clicks which are then confirmed by their manager. The confirmation process and validations are automated to increase the ease of use. Holidays are now confirmed faster and with more comfort on both sides.