Digitalizaiton all the way: How the software agency InceptIT streamlines its project management

For an internationally operating software agency the accurate and efficient management of its projects requires smooth and efficiently running operations, which also paves the way to scaling to more projects and ensuring the quality of execution among its employees and customers. 
The project and operations manager in the company had to wear many hats to ensure the goals for the project are clearly laid out to the team, resources are available, open questions can be addressed in time and the successful execution according to the time and financial limitations of the project.


Team Workspace and Project Management


Software Development

Features & Functions

  • Timeplanning (Gantt Chart)
  • Team page for Goals, Ressources and answered questions
  • Ability to ask questions and answer them for the whole team
  • Finance tracking for project
  • Information on and motivation of the client


  • Accurate and efficient management decision making. All project information in one place
  • One source of information for the team. Integrations with external surces for completion
  • Scoped for growth


What has started as a single project page for knowledge management turned into a tool for managing that project more efficiently within the team. The entire solution is build within the HarmonyCB workspace, connecting to existing databases and google sheets. Teams can view the project goals, client goals, time plans in one dashboard as well as their progress. They can ask questions and project management can include answered questions into the workspace.

When a project requires specific process guidelines the project and operations manager create, customise and organise the project workspace to fulfill the new requirements.