Enabling first level support for the YouTube SAAS platform tubics

When the YouTube SEO platform tubics started to experience a strong growth in platform users, they also started to require more customer support, which in turn challenged the development team to either solve customer issues via coding or to refocus development efforts on setting up a custom support solution. 


The tubics team decided to build their support solution in HarmonyCB since it enabled them to set up highly customized interfaces and workflows to guide their team through typical support requests and adapt client data, while only needing a setup time of a few hours.



First Level Support Solution


B2C SaaS

Features & Functions

  • View client data and channel settings from DB
  • Adapt client data according to request if correct
  • Merge client channels after multiple sign-ins


  • Faster support response time
  • Notably less developer time and tickets required
  • Increased employee satisfaction


Tubics used several manual processes with the support of their development team to manage customer support requests for the beginning of their company. Due to a strong growth in users and therefore also growth in user support requests the need for digitalization arose.

HarmonyCB enabled the digitalization and automation of several support tasks and processes regarding the adaption of client data, user settings and channel merging. The implementation of the platform freed up a significant amount of programmer time and increased the speed and satisfaction of the support team as well, since there was much less need to “interrupt” the development team guaranteeing customer satisfaction.