5 Tipps: How to make a great customer portal

Whether you’re a small business moving your interactions with customers online or simply want to improve customer experience. Create a consistent, remarkable customer experience with these 5 tipps. 


How? In short: A customer portal has the main benefit of streamlining the engagement with your customers – in one dedicated place. 

Personalized customer experience

You current customer journeys are a great place to start identifying the customer experiences you want. Consider all the emails you sent, questions you had to answer and interactions on your webpage.

How do people engage with you the first time they find you? 

When do they subscribe? What leads them to buy again?

By looking closely at your customers interactions, we can determine relevant suggestions, recommendations and reveal pain points. This provides you with the opportunity with adjusting the experience and improving on recurring issues.

Timely support

Oh my… just last week it took a company 5 days to resolve a simple issue I had with their product. 5 days!!! I love their product, but how can I trust that this won’t happen again? How do I know the joy of the product balances the issues I have with them?


It’s said that the most important aspect of customer service is a timely reply. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?


Yet, companies really struggle with fullfilling this requirement. And i’m not surprised. When your inbox fills up with requests and nothing is done automatically, nobody has the time to deliver a great service.


So, how can you deliver a great, timely customer experience?

Automatically indicate that you have received the request. This can be an automatic email or an open request with a processing status in your customer portal.


Use customer service software. Make sure all requests are landing in the same place for your team to look at – not half email, half ticketing system.  Customer portals provide you with internal ticketing systems or integrations to other tools to make sure all requests are in the same place.


Categorize and prioritise requests. Make it easy for yourself and your team to process urgent requests first. You can do this by tagging your requests or providing your customers with a couple of questions first.

Effortless and seamless experience

We’ve all read the google reviews of bad customer experiences. Mostly, peoples can’t find contact forms, information they need or it simply takes forever to get a reply. However, making your customers life easy, means they’re more likely to buy again or stay engaged.


Does Jasons’ delight at his fancy chocolates outweigh the frustration he had with customer service?


Which experience has more impact on his loyalty to buy again?

"We found that the majority of customers, notably 96%, who had high-effort experiences reported being disloyal, compared to only 9% of customers with low-effort experience”

So, automatically delivering outstanding experiences, has a high economic impact. 


What should you look out for?

  • Companies need to contact a company more than once
  • They are treated like a number
  • They have to repeat information


Customer portals can help you mitigate these risks. They provide you with one place where you can find all your customers information, interactions and requests. No need to make them tell you what they just purchased – you know!

Relevant content

A recent study showed that up to a whopping 91% of people would use a knowledge base if it met their need.


Sure, every customer is different. But you’re great at what you do, there are questions you keep hearing repeatedly and discovered topics and replies your customer really care about!


Translate them into a knowledge base. That means: One place where your customers find the answers to their most likely questions and challenges. 


This will save you time and ensure your customers that they’re in good hands. After all you know their questions so well, you can answer them before they knew they had them.


Ultimately, the point of a customer portal is to enable people to solve their own problems and streamline interactions when they can’t. 

Consistent customer experience

 To build loyalty and retain customers, companies need to deliver the same, great experience every time. And this consistency needs to be ever present. 


By setting up user experience flows in your customer portal, you can create consistency across channels and interactions. Make it easy for customers to always find your products and services in the same place. Keep them up to date. Make it a matter of 1 to 3 clicks to get in touch. 


Streamlining the most common interactions with your customers in one platform will help your customers and support your team in providing the best experience!

Do you want help getting started? Because we know how important it is to provide the best experience to your customers we get you started with templates.