How do I get more leads through my website?

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Everybody has got a contact form. But we all know that’s nothing more than a glorified email. Often you even don’t know if that email will be read. When it comes to lead generation, your website can become a most powerful tool. Why? Because you can show customer that you can provide value early on. So here are some tipps on how to engage customers and generate more leads through your website.

Are you using interactive lead generation yet?

Ever since 2016 the Content Marketing Institute names interactive content as one of the most valuable means for creating leads. Since 2020 this is even more so. People now spend hours sitting and scrolling the internet. So content needs to be exceptional and engaging to be noticed.

Now, here are some techniques you can use to engage customers using interactive lead generation:

Quizzes, polls and games

Comprehensive surveys can be used to offer personalized information and services. However, more often than not they end up being a boring list of questions. So, what can you do to make this more engaging?


Instead of only providing yourself with survey results, enable customers to see how they perform compared to others in their field. Instead, you could also provide them with a couple of tips that will help them tackle their challenges. This tactic is becoming ever more popular. Especially in the startup world, it is a new technique to track a startup’s progress. At the same time, they’re being qualified as leads for potential investors.


Overall, engaging your customers by asking the right questions will create the impression of expertise. Providing immediate and relevant feedback creates value. One great example is Lindsay Tabas questionnaire. There she evaluates the investment readiness of startups. At the same time, she identifies where she can start to provide value.

Interactive lead generation quizz

If you have the budget, you can even engage customers with mini games. They let customers have fun and win discounts. Here you can see a fun demo of a mini-game. It was made by MarketJS, is called NinjaGame and served as advertisement for a shoe store.

Website calculators and configurators

Are you still making customers write and email to get a quote? Calculators or product configurators can get customers over the hurdle of first contact.


Even if it’s not binding, transparent communication and a rough idea about your price range can provide the confidence to get in touch. This generates leads through your website. It also gives you an idea of what people are looking for.


The service company weee full-service does this nicely – it’s just a bit wordy!

interactive price calulator

Assessments create leads and value

One of my favourite marketing experiences is growthchannel‘s interactive assessment. Why? Because it was easy, fast and I immediately got value in form of personalized feedback.

Lead generation website assessment

Interactive assessments can show people that you’re asking the right questions. At the same time, you can answer the most common questions as part of the assessment.


Let’s say you’re a repair shop and you repair only specific phone brands: By enabling your customers to quickly self-assess, they know whether you’re the right customer for them. Moreover, you can tell them a rough price estimate, timeframe and next steps.


Let people know you’re an expert! And instead of having phone calls all day long: automate it! Let your knowledge work for you.


Overall, interactive assessments are well suited to move prospects through otherwise complex sales processes. That saves you some time in qualifying your lead. Also, it means: You will be ready to offer the right service AND be fully prepared for the next step.

Interactive infographics

Interactive graphics are charts and images that contain little text. Customers can engage with them and narrow in on a specific aspect of the topic. Have a look at the infographic below to see how it points out MP3 vs. headphone users over time.


Again, these infographics generate leads from your webpage, by demonstrating expertise! They are also simply fun to use! By giving customers a chance to “AHA!” you demonstrate value (yes! It’s all about that value!!!). And who do you trust more? 


Someone who shows you what they know? Or someone who keeps it all secret?

This infographics is from infogram and is really easy to customize.

So, how to get more leads through your website?

The main key to generate leads through your webpage is by demonstrating value. Enabling customers to engage with the content on your website, positions you as the expert in your field. It will also let your potential customers “invest” in you by sharing their information in exchange for your advise.    There are many great tools out there that help you engage customers with interactive content!   Harmony is one of them. And it gets you started with customizable templates for assessments, calculators and quizzes. Request access to the beta to get started.