How do I get my application done?

improving diversity tech

This is an overview for NON technical people, to get what you need from your developers After having run a software agency for over 5 years before starting Harmony, I’ve seen people struggle with the same things over and over again when building their first business and applications:  Projects go over the cost estimate,  take… Continue reading How do I get my application done?

How to create inclusive apps

When building an app or developing a concept for an app your main concern is probably to make it successful and profitable, basically to make your idea fly. Designing your app as inclusive and diverse as possible is perhaps not always in your mind. However, creating a diverse app that treats people equally can have… Continue reading How to create inclusive apps

Improving diversity in tech

improving diversity tech

Why are women and People of Colour still underrepresented in the tech industry? What is the reason they are usually paid less than their white male colleagues? Why do they in fact often experience harassment at their workplace? [1] Because the tech industry has – just saying as it is – a problem with racism… Continue reading Improving diversity in tech