Improving diversity in tech

improving diversity tech

Why are women and People of Colour still underrepresented in the tech industry? Why are they usually paid less than their white male colleagues? Why do they in fact often experience harassment at their workplace? [1] Because the tech industry has – just saying as it is – a problem with racism and sexism.  … Continue reading Improving diversity in tech

HarmonyCB compared with other no-code tools

No-code tools compared

This article compares the most common no-code tools with HarmonyCB. That includes big players like Bubble or Webflow, but also newer and smaller tools like Adalo or Stacker. The comparison involves furthermore business orientated no-code tools like Betty Blocks and Mendix. And of course design orientated tools like HarmonyCB and Figma are mentioned as well.… Continue reading HarmonyCB compared with other no-code tools