Build in Public – First week

Building the no code builder

I’m lucky and found myself joining the CoStarting cohort with 4 other great entrepreneurs getting ready to release their projects to the market. The next few weeks, I’ll share how we’re getting ready for the private beta of our no code tool, what we hope to learn and where we struggle.


Building the no code builder

Our release is only a week away and my mind definitely wants to wander. Have I forgotten anything? What if it’s not really ready? What if this was now or never? It isn’t. So, the thing that helps me focus again is reminding myself of its purpose.


Observing people’s interaction with the builder is going to help us answer the question: Can people build valuable applications without our help (yet)? In our pilot’s we’ve already used Harmony to build a whole feature for an external SaaS application (integrated as iframe). We’ve extend an ERP ordering system and built second level support tools. So, great! It can totally do a lot (and in only a couple of days each) But…


Because our main goal is to enable non-technical people to build the applications they need for their business our number one goal has to be a gentle learning curve. Ideally, with many successes along the way. For this purpose, we decided to get people started with templates and take the pressure off the “blank canvas”. 


This week we have finished up the templating system to make sure everyone can start with a template if they choose to. Based on our pilot learnings we’ve also:


  • Added the ability to do publishing and deployments
  • Enabled copy and paste between separate windows
  • Created autosave (life is too hard without it!)
HarmonyCB Projects

This week, I’ll mostly focus on testing, while preparing outreach to our private beta signups and structure to turn my future learnings into data. Also, I’ll meet with a few companies that already want to use Harmony quite seriously. Since we’re three on the team, that means we have two more people on board making sure everything is ready to go on the development front!


Next week will be only a few days before the actual no code beta release. So, tick-tock, i’m getting back to work! See you then!

Building to no code beta