Build in Public – Week 2

Building no code

Week 2 in the journey of building the no code builder.


Last week was big. The beta is getting in shape. Still, it’s crucially important to maximize efficiency and maintain a sustainable level of health and happiness. 

There are so many balls being juggled to make this release happen. We’re all rallying behind the vision. These are the main accomplishments we’ve achieved last week.  


  • Customer discovery
    We’ve made use of Quora and Reddit to find out more about how people solve the problem of developing customer portals right now. Especially when looking for no code way to build them it turns out most respondents use bubble + a combination of other tools. Reddit is also the most responsive – it seems.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) all the solutions I got would leave users with 3-4 applications used in parallel…

  • Save
    Or i should say a “warning if you don’t save”. To make the UX friendlier we now make sure to check before you leave your changes unsaved.

  • Faster
    All of HarmonyCB is now loading faster and responding quicker. 

  • Components
    Now it’s possible for us and users to create components rather than rebuild the UI from individual ingredients (as we call single elements)

no code builder

These are team results. The team effort that is bringing us forward and not to mention the effort and input we get from so many people around us. CoStarting has been a great part of providing this network. Just last week our catchups led to a conversation with Ray Deck where he helpfully reminded me that “so many entrepreneurs mess up by thinking their end game needs to be their opening gambit. Multi-stage business plans are good!”.


The second platform I can recommend is Lunchclub. It provides me with social contact (and it’s so needed!!!). And not to mention, access to people  who like to help each other with their experience and feedback.


Overall, building a no code builder looks like (and is) a very exciting journey for most people I meet. Not because they say so, but because they want to help.

This Week's Challenge of building a no code builder

This weeks challenge was getting everything ready for the release. Next, I’ll have to take a step back. When you’re in the heat of things it’s easy to lose track of the big picture. Especially with regards to what our next 1-3 years can look like. I’m thinking back to Ray: “Multi-stage business plans are good”. 

I’m always looking for ways that help me achieve this perspective to me. Running, meditation and spending at least a few minutes a day doing something completely unrelated to work (for me it’s learning Japanese) seem to work best. Simply getting my head out of the topic.

Next Weeks Goals

Until next week’s update our main goal will be the release. That goes hand in hand with reaching out to our beta signups. Also, scheduling some sessions with really excited people to watch them build and probably struggle here and there. After all, we’re building the no code builder to enable anyone to utilize software for their business.

I also want to get a start on redefining our strategy (1-3 years) so I can derive a new plan for our next actions. The immediate next steps are pretty clear, but we’ve gotta make sure we’re focussed on realizing the vision long term. Ultimately, you can only change a plan, if you’ve got one.