Build in Public – Week 3 – Retrospective

No Code Release

No code usability testing is the best! Mid last week the HarmonyCB private beta was released and since then we have already done 4 usability tests in person – as far as in person goes in early 2021!

In many ways it is crazy to think back and realize it has been less than a week. We have received so much useful feedback. More importantly, our beta users are immediately coming up with so many ideas of what they could and want to build.

What's new?

Apart from having launched 🙂 Harmony is now getting users started with an interactive tutorial. To make it easier to get started, it doesnt just explain how HarmonyCB works. It shows you! 


We’ve scheduled (and did) usability test and now understand how people approach the tool to get ever more intuitive.

Harmony ContentBase

What did the usability tests reveal?

So far our learnings were pretty consistent. 


  • Navigation
    We’ve noticed that some of our icons were still quite confusing. Users struggled to navigate and orientate when icons are not intuitive enough. Sticking to the conventions and choosing icons that visually compare to their meaning makes life easier. After all, it’s a relatively quick issue to address!
  • Take less space
    When opening the builder we plan to take up less space. Instead, we can give your project more space and make it easier to find things. By focussing on smart categorization rather than description we will both give users more space and improve navigation.
  • Data and actions
    We saw our private beta users get really exited about adapting the templates or first project. Where they typically got stuck was on adapting data. Making data and actions intuitively available with no code are our next milestones!
More no code usability test are planned already!

Usability testing retrospective

The more usability tests we do the more we discover the overlaps in usability habits in Europe and the US. Users expect design conventions and even in a no code tool users orientate on popular tools they have used in the past. WordPress or Mailchimp are great examples we have identified.


Usability tests are a great way of ensuring that these conventions are met. All while discovering the personal customizations you have added to the product without realizing it. 

This week in no code building

After our journey to launching the beta, we’re entering the next phase. This week we’re starting a redesign to address the identified issues and create a nice, clean CI for Harmony ContentBase. 


If you want to start realising your project in HarmonyCB you can still sign up for the private beta on the main page → here!